San Marco, your story, our colors.

The atmosphere in the building on Lucich Street comes alive with colors and stories. Luisa, with her precision and dedication, is adding the final touches to her living room walls. A few floors up, the air is charged with a different energy, that of enthusiasm and novelty. Adele and Daniel, young teachers full of hopes and plans for the future, are dedicating themselves to their new home with love, play, and patience. On the top floor, Andrea and Michele take a well-deserved rest after nearly completing the facade of the building, which, with its bright and welcoming yellow, becomes a symbol of rebirth for the entire building, a sign of how the work of skilled hands can transform and enhance every corner of the city.

These stories, although different one from the other, are all united by the colors and creativity, that weave the fabric of a vibrant community in the building on Lucich Street. Each character, with their own project and vision, contributes to creating a mosaic of lives that intertwine, of dreams that take shape within the walls of a home that is being renewed.

Luisa, the interior designer who chooses Paeninsula

The personality of Luisa  is characterized by a multitude of shades. Her journey through colors and life invites us to reflect on the ability to transform spaces and moods with creativity, sensitivity, and a touch of magic. Her story becomes of what it really means to create a home, an invitation to see beyond what is visible and to paint each day with  colours that best represent our inner self.

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Adele and Daniel choose Marcopolo Luxury

This is the story of Daniel and Adele, two different souls but inseparably linked, who together learn that life, like art, is richer and more vibrant when it embraces and celebrates differences. Their home, a workshop of life and love, becomes the symbol of a shared journey that, step by step, leads them to discover that the true journey is the one made together, sharing every brushstroke of life.

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Adele and Daniel chose Marcopolo Luxury, for a luminous effect that enriches the room. What will you choose?

Andrea and Michele, the San Marco's painters

Andrea and Michele are more than just painters; they are everyday artists who find poetry in the simplest of gestures and in the chaos of their craft. Every workday turns into a unique adventure, where the mundane and ordinary blend with moments of deep reflection and unexpected discoveries. Andrea and Michele, passionate and precise professionals, choose Acrisyl Light to bring new color to the facade of Lucich Street.

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