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DECORTRENDS: The new wall-decoration offerings from San Marco

The natural materials and the suggestions provided by Venice, revisited in a contemporary key, are in the foreground of the new wall-decoration proposals, developed with the aim of offering not just products, but veritable atmospheres and emotions in which tradition and modernity come together in an unprecedented fusion.

Decortrends are designed for professionals who want to keep up with the latest trends in design and architecture. San Marco has created 18 new decorative effects, divided into 6 new suggestions based on natural materials, and two new colour palettes that extend the Giudecca and La Certosa series, each comprising 6 solutions.

Six new natural suggestions

The result of combinations that stand out for their matt and material finishes, capable of creating dynamic geometries and attractive plays of hues, we discover the 6 new suggestions: Aqua, Stripes, Concrete, Flame, Cloudy and Rainy.

The purity and transparency of the Aqua effect are brought to life by the Grimani and Sagredo finishes, which together stand out for their fabric-like fluidity.

Fenice, Patina and Sagredo make up the hypnotic striped style of the Stripes effect, giving the ambience a pleasantly wavy vibe. The soft shadings of the Concrete effect are the result of the combination of Velature and Concrete_Art; the iridescent style of Flame follows the multiple facets of light thanks to the Cadoro finish, which also creates the dreamy and impalpable Cloudy effect. Visually striking is the Rainy effect which, using the Sagredo finish, recreates the impression of a constant light rain on the walls.

Six new hues of Giudecca

Decortrends present new palettes for some of San Marco's iconic interior wall decoration effects. There are six new proposals in the Giudecca line, which take the stone-effect texture to a new level of refinement and contrast, exploring all the possible natural combinations of stone: some showcase bold contrasts between warm and cold colours, while others are more explicitly reminiscent of water tones. The combination of various finishes, among which Fenice stands out, allows for highly refined results.

Six new La Certosa marble effects

The refined marble effect of La Certosa is enriched with six colour harmonies and plays of texture, introducing a further dynamic accent to wall decoration. Here too, the decorative product Fenice plays a crucial role, which, together with Velature and Cadoro, makes it possible to achieve the typical veining of this precious material: the appearance of marble found in the ancient palaces of Venice is thus reproduced, with colours that recall the beauty of nature and, almost chasing each other, create a feeling of depth and movement.

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