The Ideal Store project was born from San Marco's desire to live a complete emotional experience for the customer within the store.

It proposes to create a format completely adaptable to every need, which based on the available space provides efficient business solutions for a project of complete or partial local renewal.

Since its entry, the customer's attention is captured by the Wall of color, the tool through which color becomes the protagonist, constituting the first element of consumer choice.

Thanks to the optimization of visitor flows in the store, the customer follows a pre-established path that leads him to meet personalized shelves that expose the product category available to make the best purchase.

Additional assistance to the retailer is given by an exhibition organization that aims to make the most of the product range, and by innovative graphics that integrate augmented reality technologies with the aim of increasing sales.

The professionalism of the retailer arrives at the center in his store, a place where you can receive accurate advice and discover, see and touch San Marco products with your hand.

Color Wall

It's the focal point that attracts the customer's attention, it is placed in the most visible part of the shop to maintain the visual focus.

The possibility of being able to leave samples to visitors to the store to evaluate color combinations and contrasts at home makes it a unique tool of its kind.

The Color Wall is available in two different sizes: 2 or 4 meters (216 or 300 colors), in addition there are two versions (free-standing or wall-mounted with different depths), so as to easily adapt it to the space that the customer can make available in his point of sale.

Lastly, the integration of augmented reality in the Color Wall panel allows, through the use of devices with camera and the “San Marco AR” application (downloadable both on the App Store and on Google Play), to access a series additional content useful for choosing the San Marco color preferred according to the tastes of the end user.


It is the ideal place to receive and give advice, in its shelf, recreating a presentation and work area, it is possible to share projects, suggest colors and finishes.

Through the work table, customers interact with each other, creating a moment of discussion of ideas, they can take advantage of the assistance of the retailer by finding professional answers to all their questions.

The table is available in two different lengths (2 and 4 meters), with the possibility of optionally installing a central computer available to users for the development of each project.


Main components

The shop furnishings include shelving and gondolas, both available in single and double-sided formats, to complete the set-up offer there are display and promotional displays. Another choice available to the retailer is that relating to the type of furniture for shelving and gondolas, in fact there are two types of equipment: Diamond for a more refined and sophisticated place, Gold for a more functional and less busy shop.


Each shelf is equipped with customization with information useful to the customer in order to make the best choice, in addition each one is characterized by the following aspects:

  • Product category shown at the top of the shelving relating to the product arranged below,
  • Panels with graphics that describe the application phases, types and finishes with real samples applied, specially designed to slide on the shelf wall without taking up additional space,
  • Augmented reality integration in the panel, providing additional additional content to the end user,
  • Height adjustable shelves,
  • Ability to accommodate platforms on the ground to facilitate the movement of products in the shop,
  • Possibility to choose between two different sizes to meet every customer's space requirement.

Shop display

Available in three variants (shelves, hooks, baskets) are designed to efficiently display accessories and complements with the aim of increasing sales.

The modules are offered in various sizes to highlight special and promotional products or to furnish the showcases, available as a modular display unit or individually, they are used according to the needs of the retailer.


The display area of ​​the San Marco decorative effects enhances the shop by making it unique and at the same time constituting a refined modular furniture system. The San Marco decorative concept will be the new dress of your store, capable of presenting the entire collection at its best and helping you advise customers.
Thanks to the modular design and elegant complementary graphics often updated, you can always refer to a fresh display in line with current trends.
The possibility for your customers to be able to study and evaluate the desired effect live, combined with a tactile experience through panels with real product applied, will increase the probability of sale.

The most complete version of the Showroom concept will present the real effects of the products and evocative set images, as well as magical glimpses of Venice. Ideas and suggestions full of charm to tell the product in the most evocative and complete way.

The essentiality and order of the Classic version will allow you to show as many effects as possible, giving your customers the opportunity to touch the aesthetics and finish of the San Marco Decorations by hand and to be fascinated by the emotion of the product.