Home to enjoy - both inside and out!

When choosing a home, its impact from outside still makes a difference even if it's a flat. The facade of a building should be no less than its interiors.

Here, the paint job makes all the difference. Of course, the surfaces are broad, but there are quality paints with a high yield that give excellent results with less product. And to ensure that the color remains fast for a long time, the characteristic to look for in the product is its resistance to weathering. With their water-repellent properties, quartz formulations resist rain and temperature changes, and remain unchanged for a long time, thus reducing maintenance, bother and cost.

And if outside appearance matters, bring on the decorative finishes and coatings, designed to embellish exteriors with that something extra, without sacrificing functionality. An example of this are lime-based products, which are also good for buildings of particular artistic value; they are also weather- and direct-sunshine proof.

If you have organic phenomena such as molds, algae or moss, which are common on north-facing masonry, you must use products that will clean, sanitize and protect the surfaces. The more complete a solution is, the longer lasting its effect will be.

If you have masonry and other features in stone, or exposed bricks, you need to apply water-repellent treatments such as siloxanic ones, which prevent build-up of unsightly white patches caused by the effect of humidity. Rain is often a problem but also the sun can be an enemy so, for wooden parts, we need particularly resistant solutions that don't flake and thus reduce the need for frequent maintenance. There are products specially formulated to tolerate severe climatic conditions such as those typical of marine environments.

It's not uncommon to find items outside such as gates, railings, gates, gates - all of which being surfaces that need regular attention. It goes without saying that they must be treated with products specific for the purpose. For metal, you will need anti-rust solutions at hand to avoid corrosion forming and spreading. Depending on the context, you may want to adopt one-off applications, or full anti-rust systems made up of several products that act together to provide a complete protection. For copper parts (gutters, canopies, pipes or sheets) that can oxidize, there are specific solutions to protect copper and nearby masonry that could become dirty.

It's hard to picture a building good inside if its exterior is not. Taking care of it is not a small task but fortunately there is a solution to every issue.