The favorite place from morning till evening, whether alone or in company

Cozy and relaxing, the living room is where you spend most of your time when you're at home. The living room is the cozy and relaxing space where you spend most time when at home. Looking after a such a lively room is essential and actually not difficult. Using washable, water-based paints that are durable and easy-to-clean keeps you enjoying it with no bother. And precisely because we spend a lot of time there, living well-being must come first. Choose comfort-conscious, class A+ products or those that reduce or eliminate harmful substances like 'formaldehyde-eating' paints, which capture harmful volatile compounds and pollution and make them harmless.

For living rooms made up using gypsumboard, it's good to remember that to paint, fill and decorate gypsumboard, you should use specific products that adhere to it perfectly.

The reception room must necessarily be unique, original and full of personality and to enhance its charm. You can decorate its walls and ceilings, along with any other features such as columns or arches. There are solutions for all tastes and styles, starting from classic, more elegant and traditional right through to the modern material and design ones. Simply combine imagination with wisdom over materials, colors and stuccoes to create infinite variations, and bring out alluring two- and three-dimensional effects.

Wood lovers know how much warmth wood adds to settings, making them special. It must however be properly treated and well preserved with specific products that enhance its natural appearance while also being suitable for interiors. The most suitable products are solvent-free, which do not give off any odors into the room and enhance living comfort.

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