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A busy place where tradition and fantasy come together, and one which deserves to be protected from splashes and stains. This is why washable or super-washable paints are ideal: just wipe it with a cloth to remove dirt, without affecting the walls. And if that's not enough, don't worry: there are spotting solutions or water-based paints that mask particularly well. If there is so much humidity as to have unhealthy mildew build up, a quality breathable water paint is what it takes. There are anti-mildew systems that will solve any problem. The kitchen is also where you experiment and innovate more, and giving it a face-lift now and then is easier than you may think. You can renew the room in a few easy steps, also by using special tile coverings, which will give your kitchen a new look without excessive costs or too much work. With the right allies, it'll be like having a whole new kitchen. A suggestion: as kitchens are where we cook food, they produce formaldehyde, which is an unhealthy compound especially ­for the more sensitive among us such as children. You can obtain 'formaldehyde-eating' solutions, which capture the harmful substances floating in the air, and transform them into harmless compounds, to the benefit of living wellbeing.