Looking after our far-ranging chariot

Slightly neglected compared to the rest of our home, our garage needs proper care too, starting with walls. In a generally humid, chilly and poorly-ventilated environment, the ideal solution is a breathable water paint. For this same reason, garages are also prone to mold and mildew. But for every problem there is a remedy: Anti-mold systems consisting of a wide range of products to cleanse, sanitize and prevent mildew, are very effective and succeed in solving the toughest situations.

Garages have to handle the comings and goings of cars with their tires so the floor can't be just any old one: it has to cater to even the most intrepid travellers. When choosing the best covering for garage floors, it's therefore essential to consider resistance to the pressure and heat of tires.

But garages do not only receive vehicles, but all kinds of shelving. They are often also the family warehouse. For the maintenance of shelves and also main doors and gates, it is good to choose products that are particularly functional and hardwearing. For wood, opt for products that protect the surfaces from friction and mechanical damage; for metal surfaces, you will want solutions with anti-rust effect, and enamels that do not flake and thus ensure adhesion to the backgrounds, and durability over time.

Taking care of your garage is the first part of starting your journeys with everything in order.