A sight for sore eyes

Hygiene first! In places of hospitality by definition, where cooking for others is a vocation, safety and cleanliness are not optional. Which is why we have created painting solutions that meet the regulatory standards imposed by the HACCP protocol. Where food is treated it is unthinkable to ignore the application of super-washable water-based paints that keep the room clean at all times, guaranteeing suitable standards of hygiene.

Safety, naturally, but also care over appearance. Restaurants must be clean, but also beautiful. Here's how, with our decorative finishes, you can customize your venue to your taste, giving a unique and refined atmosphere to your customers. We all love a sight for sore eyes. From shades, plays of light, weaves and waves, nothing is impossible using decorations following your own inspiration. Elegance is served, not just at the table. Just the features which will make your restaurant special and memorable. A branding image like the signature of a great chef on an iconic dish.

And if you're looking to bring it up to speed, you may not need a big work-site: we have special coatings which quickly transform tiles, sinks, metal parts, laminates, furniture, furnishings, lime and cement plasters, ceramics, plastics and wood. Within-budget cost and time for visually-exciting, quality results.