A magical place in which to grow up, imaginatively playing

Whether they're astronauts or princesses, children must be able to experience their spaces intensely with all of their boundless imagination. So super-washable water-based paints are the best as they let our little ones express themselves in full freedom. These paints are more resistant than normal washables, and make for quick-and-easy cleaning. Yet, there is another aspect to keep in mind. Young ones at home deserve to grow up in a healthy environment, and their well-being also depends on the quality of the air they breathe in their bedroom. The best allies for the health of young and old are the products in class A+, which guarantee no, or very low, emissions of VOCs, formaldehyde and plasticizers, and an all-round better attention to well-being. On cold walls, mold may form - another threat to home healthiness. There is a remedy for this too: simply sanitize the surfaces and protect them over time by choosing from the many anti-mold/mildew solutions available.

The bedroom that safeguards that precious gift of childhood must live up to the dreams that are made there: so let the imagination run free, with a decor that take you to fantasy worlds. The many colors, including bright ones, of the paints, and the wide choice of decorative products, mean you can make all fantasies come true. Simply add a pinch of craftsmanship and the bedroom's a fairy tale! And if there are features in wood and metal, taking care of them will be child's play with the right products. For these surfaces, it's best to use water-based, odorless products that respect living comfort, so that your young dreamer can explore their space safely and with curiosity.