Time for relax

The realm of our precious and indispensable ally: water. But it also has some drawbacks. If we wet the walls, for example, the finish becomes ruined over time; and when in the form of steam, it settles on the surfaces, it can provide fertile terrain for mold and stains. By taking the right precautions, we can keep this under control too. The first allies for an always tidy bathroom are scratch-resistant paints that are washable and water- and steam-resistant. Proper ventilation of bathrooms is essential to avoid harmful humidity. Where adequate ventilation is not available, breathable water-based paints come to the rescue. If instead mildew and mould is the real problem, there are lots of solutions depending on the needs. If an intervention of precision on small surfaces is necessary, you can opt for practical anti-mold sprays. If your problem is larger, you can go for full systems that clean, sanitize and prevent the onset of mold into the future.

Singing in the shower is even better if our private stage is occasionally renewed, giving new and different atmospheres. For this purpose, there are special enamels suitable for coating and changing the appearance of the bathroom at low cost and relatively little. In the blink of an eye, we can transform tiles, shower trays, sinks, and even metal features, laminates, furniture and furnishing accessories. Good looks are essential in the bathroom too!