Where you can dream with your eyes closed and open

In the place of dreams, every wish must be fulfilled, starting with the desire for intimacy and comfort. The walls of the bedroom draw the boundaries between day and night so they need to be looked after and protected with washable, well-covering and resistant paints that help keep the room fresh and clean. To be defined a bedroom, a room must regenerate, which is why it's essential to focus on living comfort. So you need low-emission products such as class A+ ones, or those that reduce or eliminate harmful substances that can be released into the air - so essential for utmost safety and comfort at night. And for the more sensitive and allergic dwellers, hypoallergenic paints come to the rescue. Everyone needs deep, restful sleep.

The bedroom is also where we daydream, and it lends itself to customization; with a wealth of decorative products, you can achieve an infinity of elegant and refined solutions. For the most magical room of the house, the lime-based decorative products can create alluring settings while being careful over living and environmental well-being, for a feeling of all-round comfort.