The research and development division of San Marco Group Spa is certified ISO9001, and over the years has gradually expanded to include new resources, expertise and instrumentation to represent an excellence of the company. A group of researchers, located in two offices and coordinated by the Scientific Director Dr. Giovanni Marsili, divides its activities in several areas of research dedicated to building's coating systems: enamels and top coatings, decorative paints and decorative products for floors, products for facades, wall coatings and thermal insulation systems, certifications, environmental aspects and legislation.

This is the mission of the R&D Lab in which they work, side by side, chemicals with a lot of experience in the field of paints and young people of great aspirations and abilities. These work teams have allowed to evolve the research from the realization of products to the creation of systems, or of sets of products or elements, interconnected with each other and with the external environment through mutual relations, which behave as a whole.

The process of creating new products follows two main ways:

  • development of new catalogue products;
  • development of products or systems "on demand" to meet specific needs from all over the world.

In the first case the input elements, which are processed by the sales and marketing departments, have as their objective the creation of products / systems widely available; in the second case the development takes place taking into account specific characteristics of the place of origin of the request and the target is the creation of products / systems in which regional or local level.

"Transform insights, creativity and innovation into successful products."