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San Marco professional solution

Below is the professional offer of the Company dedicated to the world of Professional Systems.

Marcotherm thermal insulation coating system
The best solution for restoring exterior surfaces
Continuo system
Decorative coating with concrete effect for floors and walls
Acrisyl acrilyc-siloxane system
A combination of acrilyc and siloxane technology
Neptunus (lime/cement) and biomarc (lime) dehumidifying-systems
A full range of powder products
Scudosil siloxane system
A technological development that arises between tradition and modernity
Marcosil silicate system
Raw materials of mineral nature
System for the concrete repair
Intervene at any stage of the deterioration of concrete
Elastomarc elastomeric system
Formulated with an elastomeric photo-hardening polymer
Consolidating and protective systems
Preserve historical and modern architecture
Anti-graffiti system
Created in collaboration with Research Institutes and the University Cà 'Foscari of Venice