San Marco presents its Color Trends 2023

The atmosphere of a room is determined by various features: furniture, furnishings, textiles, light and walls, whose role is essential in creating and defining the identity of a setting. What makes them interact is colour, which is capable of defining balances by affinity or contrast.
Always striving to constantly redefine standards, San Marco, a leading brand in the production and distribution of paints and varnishes for professional construction sector and present in over 100 countries, has thus launched an original research project aimed at outlining the colour trends for interiors for the coming year.
Through the experience of Baolab, a Milan-based studio specialising in product strategy, materials research, advanced technological processes and trend analysis, four Colour Trends have been defined: united by a balanced distribution of lightness and saturation, they embrace the most diverse style preferences.

The first trend identified was named Bucolic Garden: an explicit reference to an intimate, calm and somewhat vintage world. The echo of blooming yet dusty landscapes, but also of cool and restful oases is translated into a palette of dusty tones, where brick-yellow prevails as an accent between sage greens and different shades of sky blue.

Fresh purity is the name of the second trend, dominated by blue in the softest and most intense shades. The purity and minimalism of the surfaces become the prevailing stylistic features in this universe. Particularly suitable for urban and city interiors, this palette proposes a range from desaturated and almost black shades to the vibrant light blue that instead recalls the air and its invigorating clarity.

Tactile surfaces, colours evoking the scents of wood and resin: these are the traits of the third trend, Authentic Confidence, which matches cosy spaces embellished with velvet and wood panelling. The palette embraces neutral and deep browns, burgundies and purples with the contrast of two greens, one cool, the other warm.

The latest trend that has been identified is Quiet Beauty, a name that refers to the feeling of serenity one can experience when looking at the colours of reassuring panoramas or wide spaces illuminated by the light of spring, moving dynamically over large uninterrupted surfaces.
The hues become light, while maintaining a very strong materiality: vanilla and pale pinks alternate with earthy reds and burnt oranges, harmoniously connected by fresh, restful green-blues.

"The Color Trends Project is one of the important investments we have made this year," comments Pietro Geremia, President and CEO of the San Marco Group. "The research we have entrusted to the professionals at Baolab testifies to our desire to make the San Marco brand an authoritative benchmark company in anticipating trends. 2023 will be the year of the great colour worlds. The panoramas will include neutral and reassuring or bright and vibrant colours: shades that are different, yet capable of creating surprising balances".
"Identifying new emerging languages in the world of interiors," comment Manuela Bonaiti and Emma Clerici, founders of Baolab, "has always been a very interesting and exciting job for us. The San Marco Group has given us the opportunity to develop this research in depth, supporting us with careful analyses, a lot of valuable data collection, and the rare and precious technical ability to be able to transform suggestions and visions into something tangible: highly sensorial paints and varnishes with surprising textures and finishes. We would therefore like to thank the group as a whole for the great openness to continuous dialogue from all the departments involved, which has allowed us to grow professionally, learn new things while having a lot of fun in one of our favourite worlds, that of colour".
The nuances identified will make San Marco's tools more up-to-date; specifically, the Color Trends swatch book and the corresponding brochure, the interior and exterior colour swatches, the interiors colour chart, and lastly the Color Wall, a unique tool placed in the most visible part of the shops to maintain the visual focus. Visitors can take home colour samples to evaluate the different shades directly in their own homes to get a precise idea of contrasts and combinations.
Finally, by using devices with a camera and the 'San Marco AR' application, the panel's augmented reality integration gives access to a series of additional content that is useful for choosing the colour that best suits one's taste.

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