Colorificio San Marco official technical sponsor of the photography Exhibition Look of Woman

Colorificio San Marco S.p.A., leading manufacturer in Italy of paints and varnishes for professional building sector, will participate as a technical sponsor of the photography exhibition Look of Woman by Francesca Alfano Miglietti.

san marco group sponsor

The exhibition will open on September 11 at the Casa Tre Oci, on the Giudecca Island in Venice; it will be exhibited the photographs of 25 extraordinary artists who, with a very feminine sensitivity and depth, reveal a world of compassion, responsibility, diversity and injustice often silenced.

san marco group sponsor

The photographic narrative exposure is even more exciting thanks to the arrangement by Antonio Marras. To create the perfect backdrop for the 250 photographic works on display Colorificio San Marco has provided Icaro, a highly washable emulsion paint with low emissions of volatile compounds designed for painting interior settings. The EVOQUETM technology of Dow, employed by ICARO, was awarded in 2013 with the prestigious American US Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

san marco group sponsor

​​​​​​​Geremia family, at the helm of the company of Marcon (VE) for four generations, has decided to contribute with enthusiasm to this important cultural event, pursuing with dedication to promote exhibitions and the enhancement of historic buildings and monuments, celebrating its historical link with the territory and its great passion for art and color. The look onto the world without fear of diversity, released by the images on display, pursues to communicate a message of strong sense of responsibility, consistent with the corporate values of Colorificio San Marco. Thanks to the colors and the application experience, the company helps to bring out these precious testimonies of women who, with passion and bravery, interpret the deep issues of the human life.

san marco group sponsor​​​​​​​