First prize welfare industry index SMEs


Colorificio San Marco was awarded the First Prize in the 2016 Welfare Index SMEs in the Industry sector.

Goals, work, commitments and dreams. The 80% of Colorificio San Marco employees converts the productivity bonus in welfare services. In fact, from 2013 the company, which is specialized in the production of coating systems for the building industry, based in Marcon in the province of Venice, promotes corporate welfare policies that in recent years have been structured to become a strategic tool for the business development.

"The goal - explains Federica Coletto of the Human Resources Office - is to improve the well-being of our employees and, following the example of what happens in large companies, we decided to take this route rather innovative for a company of our size ". The system is advanced, highly customizable and aims to meet the manifold needs of employees, all within reach of a click. Coletto continues: "Thanks to a web platform developed ad hoc, the employee is already preloaded the amount he decided to convert to services and benefits. "We started – she comments - by listening to the real needs of people in order to restructure the offer and what needs to be mentioned today is the growth in these three years of the percentage of those who have asked to welfare services."

So how the platform works. You are accessed via the Internet to the personal page and the employee may at any time decide how to allocate the sum which converted. The offer goes from the Education area, ranging from the reimbursement of costs incurred for their children for child care, enrollment in summer camps, schools, universities, masters until repayment of school books.

The staff of the Colorificio San Marco is composed of so many young people with an average age under 40 years and especially for them is meant the section Sport and culture, where you can buy for example, membership cards for the gym or the theater. In addition, the premium may also be used for a pension fund or health care, and again for shopping vouchers or fuel. Finally, employees with dependents can be booked through the service platform with dedicated social workers.

"Thanks to this initiative - said Coletto - we got to work in more depth on the subject of corporate communication and the relationship with the employee. It allowed us to learn more about our resources. On the other side there is no doubt about the tax advantage for the company. So it's a long-term benefit for both the company that the person ".