Marketing & Sales Challenge - SDA Bocconi


Thursday, September 8 was held the presentation of the winning projects and the awards ceremony of the first edition of "Marketing & Sales Challenge" of SDA Bocconi School of Management, the competition that aims to reward the best projects of Marketing & Sales made in the last three years, both in BtoB both BtoC.
The Group San Marco has received a special mention by the jury for the category "Customer centricity" in relation to the project "Redefinition of packaging in support of international and sustainable development".
The candidates projects have been assessed based on the innovativeness of the idea, excellence of execution and the significance of the results achieved.
During the event moderated by Armando Cirrincione and Maria Cristina Cito, teachers of the Marketing Section of ​​SDA Bocconi, the winning projects in the following thematic areas were introduced and awarded:
  • Customer centricity: Ferrero in collaboration with H-Art
  • Customer experience: Luxottica Italy
  • Digital transformation: APT Livigno in collaboration with XChannel
  • Sales Excellence: 3M Italy
It was a good opportunity to learn, discuss, share and take inspiration from prominent business best practices.

​​​​​​​The overall project of Colorificio San Marco has been divided into three areas of action as far as packaging is concerned:

Innovative solution, unique in the industry, that integrates in the same small packaging- descriptions, instructions for use and technical specifications in a large number of languages.

A unique packaging can greatly expand the pool of consumers.

The project combines the advantages of the marketing mix and communication related to packaging to greater efficiencies in the production phase and stock.

The project was extended to the entire Decorative premium range, with higher export vocation.
sda bocconi san marco group

Integration into the packaging of the QR Code technology, in a perspective of web marketing development

The project is oriented to the increase of the customer experience, through a "fast response" of value-added content. In the phase of use, the packaging acts as a point of contact for interacting with the consumer. The QR Code technology applied to packaging allows direct access to the product in order to obtain information on:

  • Technical, safety and environmental data sheet of the product - in different languages
  • Customization and product variants
  • Use of the product, through explanations of the correct use and video tutorials - in different languages
  • Points of sale, thanks to geolocation the user is directed to the nearest one
  • Support Services

The project allows to interact with international consumers, thanks to accessing content in specific reference languages ​​- export orientation.

sda bocconi san marco group


Project of development of the Company's environmental sustainability path

The formulation of new eco-oriented paint products, with the aim of saving energy since the production:

  • improvement of the efficiency of production processes
  • preferred choice of high-performance and latest raw-materials
  • development of environmentally friendly products, with minimum release of volatile organic compounds

Eco Design project - environmental sustainability

The introduction of recycled plastic packaging improves the environmental performance of products because it allows  to:

  • reduce CO2 emissions into the environment
  • save the energy resources necessary to produce virgin plastic

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