Colorevivo by Colorificio San Marco highlights the Baroque and Surreal Creativity of David Lachapelle

12 APRIL - 10 SEPTEMBER 2017

Colorificio San Marco S.p.A., a leading Italian company in the paints and coatings sector for professional construction, is making its own products available for setting up "Lost + Found", a major monograph by David LaChapelle, one of the most important and irreverent contemporary photographers, internationally renowned for his exceptional talent in combining original hyper-realistic aesthetics with deep social messages.

David LaChapelle is exhibiting at Casa dei Tre Oci in Venezia from 12 April to 10 September 2017.

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"I love creating through using my imagination, turning my dreams into images": these are the words the American artist uses to describe his works.

The exhibition, curated by Reiner Opoku and Denis Curti, features over 100 photographs that celebrate the career of the photographer, and offers a world première of New World - a project of 11 photographs which mark the return to the human figure and which address topics such as heaven and the representations of joy, nature, and the soul.

"From the depths of the complex system of communication, of advertising and the star system - days Denis Curti, LaChapelle begins to consider the ''icon" as the true seed of a style that assumes the qualities of research and content; in Pop Art, he finds the inspiration to reflect on the infinite reproducibility of images; in fashion and merchandising are the excesses of realism and commodification, which he converts, precisely, into dreams”.

san marco group lachapelle


To further emphasize the photographic works on show, the background chosen for the exhibition is ColoreVivo, ("alive color") the new water-based washable wall paint by Colorificio San Marco S.p.A. which gives high coverage and rapid drying, in the color Roman White.

Thanks to the more than 1,200 colors of the Colour-blending system, ColoreVivo can personalize and enliven all interiors - whether modern or traditional - and represents the ideal solution to give extra value to the surreal, baroque, and pop universe of the American artist.

By contributing to putting on the event, Colorificio San Marco S.p.A. again confirms its ties with Venice and its burning passion for Art and Color.

san marco group lachapelle​​​​​​​