Environmental certification as a tool for sustainability


It is the choice of each and every company to decide to establish, implement, maintain and improve its environmental management system.

By defining roles, responsibilities, means, resources, procedures, training, and monitoring and communication systems. Colorificio San Marco Spa has obtained the ISO14001:2015 certification.

This ISO acronym identifies a standard of environmental management, and indicates the the company commitment in having guaranteed and respected environmental regulations.

It is a useful tool for the company, which wanted to commit to assessing and improving its environmental performance in a transparent and precise way, in keeping with its choices for certifying its quality system, safety at work and product certifications.

It is not a question, therefore, of certifying a particular environmental performance. Rather, it demonstrates that the certified company has a management system which is suitable for controlling the impacts its activities could have on the environment, while seeking to improve in a consistent, effective and sustainable manner.

ISO 14001: 2015 is therefore a shared choice, and a constant commitment to the concept of sustainable development, aimed at the profound change taking place between man, the environment and economic development.

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