Soft Soft

The soft and romantic palette

With its light tones in all the colors, the SOFT Collection creates sets of a delicate sweetness that stimulates romantic emotions and induces serene, positive moods. The light tones recreate settings with a fresh atmosphere and enveloping charm that conveys vitality and good humour.

Decorating the walls in light colors allows you to play with finishes and contrasts, with wooden surfaces, colored tiles or furniture, while retaining elegance and style.


The light colors are perfect for all rooms in the home, both in more classic contexts, and more contemporary styled dwellings. A soft palette succeeds in lightening spaces and balancing and softening all the details with a touch of romance.


The light shades enhance natural light and the perception of space, which becomes airier. The style is modelled on the emotions that color can provide, creating sophisticated settings, full of positive energy, almost suspended in time. Delicate nuances combine with furnishings having graceful tone touches, to create a delicate color symphony.