Energy Energy

A note of color

With its bright colors, the ENERGY Collection revives every room with a burst of energy, indulging in imaginative and always-dynamic interpretations.

The light-heartedness and liveliness of the brightest colors bring out unexpected scenes, full of character. The strong colors transform the interiors into free spaces where creativity and imagination can be given vent.

The strong tones are ideal for adding a modern style with clean lines, where design items sit comfortably with stylish furnishing and vintage pieces. If well designed, bright colors can enhance the elegance of the most classic furniture.


The use of full, strong colors on all the walls of a room, or only on some parts, gives a feeling of liveliness and movement that induces the observer to play with the perception and construction of the space. 


The strong colors recreate sets or outline focal points that capture the attention. They can renew an environment or enhance a specific area such as a wall or a special corner. Every bright color is a bold touch full of meaning.