Insulation systems

The energy used in residential building industry for heating residential and other buildings makes up about 30% of the total of the national energy consumption, a huge waste of resources world-wide and one of the main causes of the greenhouse effect and the global warming.

Most of the residential buildings and the existing non-renovated buildings waste a lot of energy every day , raisingenergy bills.

  • How to limit heat losses from residential buildings?
  • How to choose the best solutions to save Energy and Money?
  • How to safeguard the ecosystem and ensure a clean environment for our children?

What is the Marcotherm insulation system?

"Thermal insulation system", often referred to as ETICS, means the cladding of external walls of a building using insulation panels of a variety of nature which, due to their low thermal conductivity, greatly enhance insulation , guaranteeing a better living comfort and lowering energy costs for heating and cooling.

Why have a Marcotherm thermal insulation system installed?

San Marco proposes the Marcotherm insulation system for both new and existing buildings.

When renovating buildings, the Marcotherm system is the best solution for restoring exterior surfaces and obtaining the benefits of thermal insulation.

  • Consuming less energy and reducing bills for heating and conditioning.
  • Increase the internal comfort of your homes and the well-being of those living in them.
  • Contribute to reducting energy consumption from fossil fuels.
  • Contribute to reducing pollutant emissions per inhabitant.

Optimizing your property is a sound financial investment.

The Marcotherm system bring an immediate aesthetic improvement of the exterior walls matched with remarkable energy savings.

Regarding the overall energy consumption used to heat/cool a building, the Marcotherm System brings savings of from 20% to 40% starting from year one.

Thus, year after year, you will save on heating costs while creating a perfect living comfort.

Marcotherm insulation systems



  • System with fire reaction certificate B-s2 d0
  • Insulating panels available in various types
  • Insulating panels easy to cut and handle
  • Lambda λD = 0,036/0,033 W/mK



  • System with fire reaction certificate B-s2 d0
  • Insulating panels available in various types.
  • Insulating panels easy to cut and handle
  • Lambda λD = 0,030/0,031 W/mK



  • Sistema con certificato di reazione al fuoco B-s2 d0
  • Lastre isolanti disponibili in vari spessori stampate e non.
  • Pannelli isolanti facili da tagliare e da movimentare
  • Valori di lambda λD = 0,030/0,031 W/mK



  • System with class B-s2 d0 reaction-to-fire certification
  • System with Ministry of the Interior reaction-to-fire certification
  • Ideal for installations on existing buildings
  • Excellent mechanical resistance
  • Reduction of thickness
  • Less effect on accessories cost

marcotherm PU



  • Insulators of natural origin
  • High breathability (μ=20)
  • Optimal sound proofing

marcotherm sughero

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Insurance policies

In order to activate the ten-year insurance policy on the Marcotherm system, it is necessary to request a preventive visit to the construction site by a San Marco technician, who will draw up a report. On properties to which a positive technical report has been issued, the insurance policy can be taken out following the procedure indicated by the company.

We would like to remind you that those who activate this policy and have already obtained the certification on the installation of the external system according to the UNI 11716 standard from an accredited body will have the possibility to ensure for 10 years also the initial installation of the system.