San Marco commitment

Since 1999, San Marco, in collaboration with INA Assitalia, offers its customers the opportunity to protect their work with an insurance policy for a period of 5 years for the San Marco brand products, or 10 years for the Marcotherm system. Sure of the quality of their products, San Marco has created a system of insurance policies which can offer peace of mind and security at a competitive price which does not cause a significant impact on intervention costs.
San Marco has also realized an insurance policy that covers the risks their initial installation of coating systems, which can be entered by companies Certified ICMQ.

All warranties of San Marco Insurance policies

Which risks cover

  • miscalculations or design mistakes;
  • defects materials;
  • manufacturing errors;
  • the first installtion for the companies CERTIFIED ICMQ (at request for the Marcotherm and San Marco coating system).

Which expenses cover

  • value of materials;
  • labor costs for the replacement of insuranced products;
  • costs of demolition / eviction;
  • costs of installing scaffolding, necessary to repair the damages.

Territoriality for the works execution

  • Italy;
  • Member States of the European Union;
  • Switzerland;
  • Republic of San Marino;
  • Vatican City.