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Choose Kiron to paint your railings the best way

With the change of season coming, it's the perfect time to renew your railings, gates, fixtures, and generally all iron surfaces. To ensure long-lasting outdoor treatment, we must choose the correct product. Choosing a professional paint is essential for a railing to stay perfect for a long time. Kiron is the answer!

Kiron is an anti-corrosive micaceous enamel that can:

  • protect against rust;
  • protect against corrosive weathering agents;
  • act as a barrier against the sun's ultraviolet rays;
  • act as a shield for the surfaces it covers;
  • be completely waterproof;
  • protect from sea salt and industrial fumes;
  • make the treated areas really beautiful and elegant.

How to use it for railings painted to perfection

Apply 1 or 2 coats directly onto the surface, which you must first properly cleaned and degrease. Kiron's special formulation gives an effective barrier against weather and light, ensuring complete and long-lasting protection also outdoors.

Colour range available

Kiron is available in 10 colours that give an elegant antiqued effect to the surface, and two types of micaceous grain thicknesses: one finer, the other coarser.

And what if the surface is rusted?

If you want to paint an iron surface with rust caused by time and weathering, we have the ideal solution for you.

By applying a coat of Saturno before applying Kiron, you can get rid of rust and protect gates, railings or fixtures over time, achieving a long-lasting good-quality result. Saturn is our rust-inhibiting primer paint for metal surfaces. Apply before Kiron micaceous corrosion-inhibiting enamel. Also suitable for treating metalwork in aggressive environments such as industrial settings, for handrails, railings, stairs or metal panels, Saturn adheres well to surfaces, has excellent spreading and elasticity, and provides a long-lasting, quality rust-inhibiting effect.

Then don't forget to buy our Aquaragia (white spirit), an indispensable product for cleaning the surface before working on it, and for removing Saturn and Kiron residues from tools after applying them.