Home in winter, what paint to choose Home in winter, what paint to choose

Do you want to paint your house in winter? Let us help you choose the right paint

Have you always thought that renovating your home during the winter season was not possible or not recommended? Actually, painting your home in winter can be a very good idea. The important thing is to have the foresight to choose the right products: and we have the solution for you!

But what do we have to take into consideration when painting our home in winter?

What are the factors to consider when choosing the right paint for painting in winter?

Keeping the key factors in mind when choosing the right product for painting interiors in winter is essential to achieve excellent, durable and visually appealing results. Let's find out the technical aspects to consider.

Drying Drying

Drying times

Wanting to paint in winter, our first consideration is that temperatures are lower. Although heating can maintain a higher temperature, it's preferable to choose a paint with short drying times so as to achieve maximum results even at lower temperatures.

Odour Odour


When painting the walls of a house during winter, when we keep windows and doors closed, paint odour could be a problem. So it's really important that we make sure we buy odourless paint.

Indoor Indoor

Indoor pollution and air quality

Indoor air quality in our homes is an increasingly important issue to take into account. When we decide to paint our homes during the winter, it is essential to choose a paint that is free of the main indoor pollutants represented by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde.

The paint that meets all these requirements is Antartica

Antartica is our interior washable paint. Its features are:

  • odourless: can be applied without the need for lengthy airing of the room;
  • quick-drying: dry to the touch in only 30 minutes, overcoatable after two hours;
  • certified Indoor Air Quality A: low VOC, free of formaldehyde and added plasticizers.