Breathable interior paint: why opt for it? Breathable interior paint: why opt for it?

Breathable interior paint:
features, use and reasons for choosing it

Choose the right product for each specific condition and intended use. This is even more true for interiors, which we live in for longer and spend more time in.

So what environmental conditions require me use a breathable paint? What are the interior spaces in which it is important to use it?
A breathable paint is ideal for interiors prone to moisture and condensation, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Not all breathable paints have the same characteristics so for best results we must choose a breathable paint that has good coverage of the wall surface.

Why is breathable paint perfect in environments subject to humidity and temperature changes?
The main characteristic of a breathable water paint is that it does not retain moisture inside the wall, so it promotes the breathability of the wall substrate. To ensure this result, breathable paints normally have less coverage than washable or super-washable paints. However, there are breathable paints with good coverage and value for money that are ideal for use in high-lived-in areas such as those in our homes.

Marconella, our breathable paint proposal for best value for money

Marconella is our proposed professional super-breathable paint with the best value for money.

Marconella is a highly breathable professional paint with good covering power. A super-breathable interior paint that is easy to apply by both brush and roller, and quick-drying (30 minutes to the touch and overcoatable for the second coat after only 5 hours). 

Choosing Marconella will allow you to gain in quality and achieve the desired results for the environments in which you live daily, while also saving money. Your walls will begin to breathe, and you can say 'goodbye' to that damp feeling in the air of your home.