San Marco wall fixatives

How to choose a wall fixative to consolidate walls and improve the adhesion of paints and varnishes?

Wall fixatives are key products when it comes to ensuring a better adhesion of the paint to the wall. On surfaces to be painted for the first time or to which significantly extended stuccoes or plasters have been applied, wall fixatives play a critical role. The special formulation of the San Marco wall fixatives guarantees a high penetration in the pores of the wall to create the ideal conditions for a better adhesion of the paint that will be applied later. Thanks to the use of a wall fixative, the subsequent application of the paint will be more even, avoiding an uneven absorption.

San Marco wall fixatives are made of low-odor and VOC-free acrylic resins, meaning that they are not harmful to the environments and to the people who live in them.

Water-based wall fixatives

Formulated with an acrylic binder, water-based wall fixatives are recommended for impregnating both interior and exterior walls. They improve the adhesion of the paint and even out its absorption on the substrate.
Water-based wall fixatives are available in two versions:

  • one in a neutral white color, ideal as a hiding foundation for paints to be applied in both interiors and exteriors;
  • the other is transparent, with a high penetrating and consolidating power.

Solvent-based wall fixatives

Solvent-based wall fixatives are recommended for consolidating exterior walls, and have a very high penetrating power. The special acrylic binder dissolved in the solvent makes these wall fixatives particularly suitable for impregnating walls, to best support the anchoring and adherence of the subsequent coats of paint.

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