Floor coatings, glazes and paints

San Marco offers a full range of various floor finishes and coatings. A selection of professional flooring products: from Allover and Continuo systems for seamless floor and wall coverings, to glazes for ceramic floors, to paints for wood or concrete floors.

Choosing the right floor finish or paint must consider the desired finish, and the nature of the floor to be treated. Among San Marco's professional flooring solutions, the Continuo system makes it possible to renovate horizontal and vertical surfaces by creating a decorative finish in a variety of residential and commercial settings. Allover, the single-component system for seamless surfaces, enables modern, elegant results with a three-dimensional decorative appeal. Rigenera Satin and Rigenera semi-gloss are two-component glazes specifically for renovation with no stripping of tile surfaces. Pavifloor epoxy finishes are ideal for painting concrete or ceramic floors in areas that require a high surface resistance. Other solutions include specific paints for parquet and wood flooring, and glazes ideal for floors in warehouses, showrooms, garages or home garages.

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