Decorative products for a Classic furniture style

The timeless style.

Frames. Lifestyles, atmospheres, moods on a wall. Venice: always an infinite source of inspiration, symbol of a refined and rich artistic tradition. A unique place where every detail tells an ancient aesthetic that has always made decoration its strong point. Unquestionably beautiful, which goes beyond the subjectivity of judgment. An aesthetic canon capable of speaking to anyone in any age, because it tells our story in detail. Balance, harmony, order and proportion: an ideal of formal perfection that becomes shared culture. A choice that instills security. Music that has deeply dug the collective imagination of every social class: it is the music of the great composers of the past. Cultured, sacred and profane, harmonious although solid and methodical.

Water effect
Rock effect
Classic effect
Trowelled effect
Two-tone effect
Striped effect

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