Get rid of mould and mildew! Get rid of mould and mildew!

Mildew-inhibiting spray, Combat 222: the professional solution against mildew

A mildew-inhibiting spray is a specific cleaner suitable for cleaning walls with mould, mildew, and algae. The oxidizing additives in it make it the best way to remove mildew from areas of walls before applying paint. 

Combat 222 is the professional mildew spray formulated by San Marco for removing moulds from walls. Its specific formulation makes it the ideal mildew protection product for cleaning walls and surfaces where moulds or algae are present. 

How is Combat 222 mildew-inhibiting spray applied?

Buying a professional quality and cost-effective product is the first step to solving one of the most common problems we struggle with when cold temperatures arrive, but that's not all! It's also very important to follow the recommendations of an expert who can guide us when applying the product - and we take care of that too! Let's see how to apply the product to the wall so you can remove mildew and get to a ready-to-paint substrate:

  1. Combat 222 is ready to use! Spray it directly on the mildew on your walls; always wear a mask, gloves, and ventilate the room when applying;
  2. Leave Combat 222 to do its work for about 30 minutes: is the time it takes for the additives in our mildew-inhibiting spray to act on the surface;
  3. use a sponge soaked in water to clean the surface you sprayed the product onto; use circular motions to carefully remove the mildew from the wall;
  4. if the walls are particularly affected by mildew, apply mildew-inhibiting spray a second time, following the same steps given above.

Now let's look at how to get rid of mildew permanently

Using a mildew-inhibiting spray is essential to remove mould and to clean your wall surfaces although it's only a temporary solution, which is great against mould if it's already on your walls. Instead, to eliminate mildew and prevent its reappearance, it is necessary to address the source of the problem and apply our full cycle of professional-quality products.

  • Combat 222, to remove mildew already on the walls;
  • Combat 333, to sanitize the wall before treating it;
  • Superconfort, to conclude the mildew-inhibiting cycle by painting our walls, and preventing mildew from reappearing even in particularly humid environments.
Superconfort is our condensation- and mildew-inhibiting paint that's perfect in very humid contexts, and the solution if the source of mildew is wall condensation. More about the complete mildew-inhibiting cycle here.

Our selection of mildew-inhibiting products

Want to rid yourself of mildew and follow our complete mildew-inhibiting cycle?

Below is our selection of products, tailored just for you. With Combat 222 and Combat 333, you prepare your walls for painting. Choose the mildew-inhibiting paint that best meets your, needs and complete the mildew-inhibiting cycle! Get rid of mildew and condensation with our products.

Combat Mildew-inhibiting
Combat 333

Mildew-inhibiting sanitizer for walls. Used before applying mildew-inhibiting paint, it prevents moulds from forming on walls.

Combat Combat
Combat 6000

Mildew-inhibiting washable paint with good masking power, high coverage and particularly matt finish. Ideal if you want a washable paint with mildew-inhibiting characteristics.

Combat Combat
Combat 999 EW

Breathable mildew-inhibiting paint for interiors, providing especially bright finishes with a uniform matt appearance. It's a breathable paint with certain specific mildew-inhibiting additives.

Silver Silver
Silver Confort

Washable, sanitizing and mildew-inhibiting paint. Silver ions are added to its formula to prevent the proliferation of 99.9% of bacteria on the walls. So it carries out two actions on walls: sanitizing and mildew-inhibiting.

Watch our tutorial and apply our mildew-inhibiting solution to your walls