Colorimetry Colorimetry

Assistance and innovation

The Marcromie tinting system allows the realization of an infinite range of colors. The dealer who decides to adopt this system, acquires full autonomy and independence and is able to provide quickly the tinted material, with full satisfaction of its customers.
The Marcromie tinting system uses water-based and universal tinting colorants with configuration at 16 or 24 canisters.

They are available a series of equipment, like manual and electronic tinting machines, spectrophotometers, mixer, stirrer, management software that allow to consult the archives formula specially prepared to formulate the color samples and correct them. At disposal of the customer is a complete range of colour cards for traditional and decorative products.

The Lab Technicians are in charge for:

  • the development of the tinting system, in terms of products, formulations, advices on colours and equipment to count on an increasing reliability and reproducibility;
  • the equipment setting at the points of sale along with operators training;
  • the technical assistance with a complete after sales service to quickly respond to the customer’s needs and requirements;
  • Thanks to the continuous innovation on tinting colorants, equipment and colour advice we are able to offer advanced solutions.

Toll-free number available for the colorimetry assistance 800-131611 to support resellers daily