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Technological progress has, among its many effects, the demand for performances increasingly pushed to marketed products. The building materials are a very fitting example of this innovation effort. A situation of this type, however, poses a growing problem of credibility of the information and the uniqueness of their meaning.

An answer to these needs is given by the guarantee of third parties (accredited laboratories and certification bodies) and by the adoption of international standards in the performance of performance tests and in the communication of results.

Thus San Marco Group Spa, over the years, has achieved many product certifications, certification of applicators and corporate certifications.

This package, over time, has evolved steadily with the spill of claims now redundant and the introduction of the most current certification schemes; always with the objective of obtaining for himself, and for customers, an added value in terms of credibility.

All certifications


In support of its research programs aimed to the correspondence to the regulations and to improve environmental performance, san marco group spa regularly submit the products to assessments and analyzes by independent laboratories with various accreditations.

the legislation of many countries is regulating the use of chemicals so that their use does not cause problems to human health and the environmental integrity.

here some of the purposes for which products can be certified:

  • Haccp: is a self-control system for the prevention of dangers caused by food contamination.
  • it aims to ensure that a manager of a food company makes, in a hygienically safe way, each stage of products processing from production to supply. san marco group spa offers several solutions featuring adequate certifications for settings involving the handling of food.
  • Indoor air quality (iaq): is currently increasing the focus on the issue of air quality in confined spaces.
  • potential sources of decreased iaq are: cigarette smoke, heating systems, cleaning products and detergents, products inhaled by aerosol and, also, wall coatings. san marco group spa is developing an intensive program of analysis with environmental settings according to the anticipation of the iso16000 regulation.
  • Japanese test: is a protocol of analysis able to provide a quantitative dimension of the bacteriostatic activity of a non-hydrophilic surface. colorificio san marco is able of responding also to this very peculiar requirement.
  • La marcatura ce: is a symbol of conformity towards certain technical specifications taken as reference in the european union. in the san marco range, the ce marked products are intended for the realization of plasters, anti-carbonation treatment of the concrete and the realization of thermal insulation systems (etics).


The laying stage constitutes, to all effects, one of the most critical moments in the process of production-application of the product.

An improper application can negate much of the functional benefits for which a product, or a product system, was designed.

Aware of this, san marco group spa has started, in 2007, a training program for applicators and resellers divided into various modules.

The modules for the training on the marcotherm thermal insulation coating system, may have as a result the certification of the participants after passing a theoretical and practical examination.

This certification, developed in collaboration with icmq and in compliance with the uni cei en iso/iec 17024, attests to the acquisition and maintenance of skills necessary for the laying activities.


Over the years, with the integration of new subsidiaries, san marco group spa has decided to expand to the entire group a culture of quality that marked his activities since the beginning.

it has created a group quality system, for the application of the iso 9001 regulation with the scope of: "design, development, production, marketing and technical assistance of paints, varnishes, enamels, putties and premixed mortars and related products for use in the professional building sector and do it yourself".

Currently the production sites included in the quality management system are: Marcon, Montemarciano, Eurobeton, San Marco dt bh doo and Novacolor.