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Continuo: decorative coating for floors, walls and continuous surfaces with micro-cement effect

Continuo creates horizontal and vertical surfaces without gaps or interruptions, giving continuous spaces that are always new and original. The modern choice for floors, walls and continuous surfaces that enhances every aesthetic taste in interior design, Continuo creates the typical microcement effect and is suitable for residential, office and commercial settings.It provides the possibility of quickly restoring existing floors or creating new horizontal and vertical surfaces, including furnishings giving a ""total look"" that can be applied onto:

  • walls, floors and stairs;
  • counters;
  • tables and other furnishing elements;
  • shower cubicles;
  • furniture.

Continuo Continuo

Continuo Living

Dedicated to residential surfaces and rooms, except bathrooms, laundry rooms and garages.

Continuo Continuo

Continuo Activity

Developed for residential areas that require good resistance to water, wear and food stains such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.

Continuo Continuo

Continuo Studio

Dedicated to residential environments where medium resistance to foot traffic is required, such as studios or offices.

Continuo Continuo

Continuo Lounge

Designed for commercial settings of public facilities or environments with medium traffic intensity, such as shops, restaurants, hospitality facilities and offices.

Continuo Continuo

Continuo Patio

Designed for protected outdoor surfaces in residential areas, such as terraces and balconies.

Continuo Continuo

Continuo Furniture

Specifically for decorating furniture, complements and items such as tables or furniture, in both private and commercial settings.

To bring ideas to life without interruption

Continuo is a versatile system that can be adapted to suit the intended use and effect. Continuo creates new spaces and can be used to renovate rooms thanks to the many possible finishes inspired by trendy textures, such as effects inspired by the world of concrete, the oxidation of metals, and the veining and materiality of marble and wood. Continuo delivers ideal finishes for rooms with a contemporary, essential and minimalist flavour. The colour collections are suitable for both residential and commercial purposes, or even protected outdoor areas. The Continuo systems are high-performance, visually-appealing, and functional solutions that require the intervention and professionalism of a single supplier. The coating is already prepared in paste form, ready to be coloured and prepared prior to installation, which is quick and highly professional. It is possible to install directly onto existing tiles, without milling, or onto gypsum board and concrete substrates.



- maximum thickness of only 3 mm and lightweight coating of 3 kg/m2;
- does not weigh down your floors;
- impact-, abrasion- and compression-resistant.



- quick installation;
- suitable for renovation;
- suitable for application onto existing tiles; save on costs of demolition and disposal.



Easy-to-clean surfaces that do not accumulate dirt, and are waterproof and stain-resistant.



Maximum customisation thanks to the wide range of effects, colours and different application techniques.



Continuo systems are free of formaldehyde emissions, low VOC, and certified Indoor Air Quality in class A+.

The decorative effects of Continuo systems and how they are created

A vast array of effects can be created with our Continuo systems. We have studied trends in architecture and interior design, and designed and developed four types of decorative effects, each of which can be produced in so many colours.
The versatility of our Continuo systems knows no limits!

Concrete Concrete

Concrete effects

Minimalism and aesthetic research

The concrete effect is one of the contemporary trends in interior design, in all its aesthetic and tactile versions. Perfect for any room, it creates an interesting continuum with an urban minimalist, elegant and sophisticated style. Tailor-made textures that are compact, dynamic and with subtle contrasts, make the concrete effect unique, distinctive, and sophisticated in all its materiality.

Oxidised Oxidised

Oxidised effects

Metallic and distinctive

The oxidised effect gives a natural aged effect to any surface. The research and innovation of Continuo was inspired by the oxidation of various metals to reproduce new oxidised effects, the result of careful combinations of textures and colours. Through the combination of effect, colour and furnishing it is possible to make any room cosy and balanced, creating spaces with an intense and appealing design.

Marble Marble

Marble Effects

Beauty and elegance

Continuo offers a range of marble-inspired styles that are able to elegantly enhance and renew all environments. Since this type of decoration is strictly hand-crafted, it requires the skill of a professional decorator.

Wood Wood

Wood Effects

Cosy and comfortable

A refined wood look with a unique performance, with Continuo you can create various realistic and highly natural effects, in which wood grains and defects are meticulously reproduced, contributing to the creation of an atmosphere of warmth and relaxing well-being.

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