Top coats and products for surface preparation

San Marco offers a full range of top coats and highly-hiding base coats that are recommended for protecting metal and wooden surfaces.

By using these products, you can protect all the surfaces that are exposed to atmospheric and degrading agents, to ensure greater durability of the product over time and an excellent aesthetics.

Solvent-based coats


These are recommended for the protection of metal surfaces and characterized by a high adhesion on different types of background surfaces. They have a remarkable rust-inhibiting power, good filling power and excellent spreading capacity. They are suitable for preparing backgrounds such as iron, galvanized sheet metal, light alloys such as railings, gates, gratings and bars.


They are characterized by excellent dilatation, high elasticity and high resistance in exteriors. For this reason, they are used on the outside of buildings, especially for the protection of wood, iron and other materials. The action of solvent-based top coats for iron and wood is optimal even in difficult climatic conditions, such as salt air, frost and industrial fumes. Solvent-based top coats for wood and iron are available in a gloss and satin finish and in a wide range of pastel and more intense colors.

Water-based coats


These provide excellent filling power and good dilatation. They are recommended for enhancing the hiding and evening-out power of finishing products, ensuring greater fullness to the paint. They are used as base coats for window and door fixtures.


They differ from solvent-based top coats for being odorless products, a characteristic that makes them effective for applications in poorly ventilated interiors. They are easy to apply and extremely quick to dry. Other characteristics of water-based top coats for iron and wood are high resistance to light and yellowing. They are used for painting top quality finishes on iron, galvanized sheet metal, light alloys, wood, plastic and wall surfaces in interiors. Water-based top coats are available in a gloss and satin finish and in a wide range of colors (from pastels to the more intense hues).