Living in a healthy environment naturally Living in a healthy environment naturally

Arum: hypoallergenic interior paint

The presence of allergens in home settings can be a real problem if lived in by sensitive persons. Which is why it's important to minimize allergenic substances such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde in our homes, allowing us to greatly increase the living quality of our homes. Arum is the hypoallergenic paint from the Abitare il Benessere San Marco line. Its formulation allows for a very low VOC content and total absence of formaldehyde, the major household pollutants. Totally odourless, this hypoallergenic paint can be applied without the need for prolonged airing of rooms before reoccupying them.

Let's see the main benefits of Arum, our hypoallergenic breathable paint

Indoor Indoor

Indoor Air Quality: A+

Arum is in the top class of the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) index due to its low content of volatile organic compounds and total absence of formaldehyde.

Hypo-allergenic Hypo-allergenic

Hypo-allergenic and odourless

You can immediately re-inhabit the rooms in your home without the need for prolonged airing after application.

Dermatologically Dermatologically

Dermatologically tested

Non-irritant to skin (test report no. 271/13/00) from tests carried out on white by the Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation ISPE - Milan.

Porosity Porosity


Its formulation ensures excellent water vapour permeability and low dirt pick-up.

Appearance Appearance

Appearance and application features

Very opaque appearance, excellent coverage and high whiteness. Dry to the touch after 30 minutes, overcoatable after 3 hours.

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