Linea Acrylò, the sustainable quality

The line of high-performance finishes formulated with special binders derived from renewable biomass defined according to the mass-balance approach, and RedCert2 certified.

The paints in the Linea Acrylò contain a new acrylic resin formulation that guarantees quality standards such as high coverage and whiteness, good flow, and microporosity that masks surface imperfections.

With Linea Acrylò you can also safeguard people’s health: air quality in indoor environments has a strong effect on how our body functions and our reactions.
The paints from the Linea Acrylò are
free from formaldehyde;
free from VOC (volatile organic compounds);
Indoor air quality A+ certified.

The value of sustainability

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we have it on loan from our children”: this ancient proverb opens the San Marco Group’s Sustainability Report, a tool that declares, with transparency, our commitment to sustainable development. Our goals are to create value for the Group and for people while preserving natural resources.

• Responsibility • Environment • Safety

Mass Balance Approach

Already acknowledged by the market for their high quality and performance, from 2021 the professional paints of the Linea Acrylò are being made with a special binder derived from renewable biomass, defined according to the “mass-balance” approach, and RedCert2 certified.
The aim of the Biomass Balance approach is to reduce atmospheric emissions of CO2 by replacing fossil resources in the value chain with renewable resources from biomass. Fossil resource saving product by using sustainably certified renewable raw materials in the value chain.
Examples of biomass sources are bio-naphtha and biogas derived mainly from organic waste and vegetable oils.
The renewables are already applied at the beginning of the production process of the binders and mathematically allocated to the new product line. The new Linea Acrylò is a conscious purchasing choice to help protect the environment.

Promoting sustainability means taking care of the environment,
the people in it and the buildings they inhabit every day.

Make a responsible, quality oriented choice

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Acrylosilox, breathability and water repellency

With Acrylosilox, the siloxane paint, you can create matt finishes even on dehumidifying mortars for restoring damp walls. Ideal for walls and ceilings, fast- drying, VOC-free.

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Acrylomat Plus, uniform matt finish

Choose Acrylomat Plus, the acrylic water based paint with high filling power that effectively hides imperfections in the substrate. Ideal for walls and ceilings, fast-drying, VOC-free.

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Acrylosatin Plus, satin finish and stain-resistant

Choose the high uniforming capability of Acrylosatin Plus, the easy-to-clean acrylic water based paint that evens out absorption. Ideal for walls and ceilings, fast-drying, VOC-free.

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Acrylovelour Plus, velvet finish and stain-resistant

With Acrylovelour Plus, the high- coverage acrylic water-based paint, you will obtain even, easy-to-clean finishes. Ideal for walls and ceilings, it dries in 3 hours, VOC-free.

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Impressomarc Plus, basecoat for a better yield

Apply Impressomarc Plus, the acrylic primer, before painting to mask any imperfections and improve the application of the finish coats. Ideal for wall surfaces and wood, VOC-free.